Saturday, July 12, 2008

Summer Dress

I just love this style of dress on little girls in summer. Took me about an hour but that included rethreading my overlocker. Plus lots of fiddly ironing with the straps. I am scared of ironing so probably took longer than the average joe. Will attempt a matching headband or 'scrunchie' to match. Also have enough left over to make one for the Little One - even though I swore I would never do the matching outfit thing this fabric is just way too cute to waste. Might even have to attempt matching bloomers as I hate seeing a nappy uncovered.

Okay edited to add a picture with Baby Hillbilly wearing her dress (excuse the singlet underneath but it is winter you know).


Emma said...

Very nice - can't wait to see BH and LO in their matching outfits ;) But, don't you get winter up there?

Emma said...

Its gorgeous Ellie. I love the green fabric! You could also self cover a button (kits at SL) and have an instant hair clip or hair tie. Very cute!

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