Monday, September 15, 2008

More Taggy Blankets

This time I 'had' to make one for my Little One plus I got the bug and made one for a friend using some fabric that I have in my stash which I am pretty sure will coordinate with a softie her little boy already has. The one I made for LO I used some Japanese fabric which I have seen used lots of times in blogland and was never much fussed on it but in the flesh it is gorgeous and think I will have to buy some more to make something to wear for my girls.

I had high hopes of sewing more but I got hit hard on Sunday night with a very sore throat and general unwellness (is that even a word)it hit hard and quickly. All tea and sympathy gladly accepted. I am trying to get as much as I can out of Snr as humanly possible. Somehow I think I will be too exhausted for kitchen or lunch making duties tonight .


Lisa said...

Love the cowboy fabric! I used the other fabric for a top and agree it looks much nicer up close than it photographs.

Kylie said...

oh hope that you feel better soon. i love the cowboy fabric too - i ahve some here that I think i might turn into a shirt for baden

Anonymous said...

I am the friend that was extremely lucky to receive the cowboy taggy blanket.

It is gorgeous....and has already become Jacob's firm favourite to hold onto (he is a bit of a security blanket boy!)

Thanks so much Ellie.



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