Friday, September 19, 2008

Recycling to the extreme

Okay so it is just your generic Australia Post postpak but this little baby will be turning 2 in November and after being lovingly picked up from the post office has lived in Rockhampton, Adelaide and Bargara and soon to go back to what could be its final resting place in Adelaide (its home town) very soon.

This little postpak has travelled approx 7,100 km even lived in a removalist box for a short while (yes I know can you believe I actually packed it up when we moved - okay who am I kidding I never packed it but I did instruct the removalist guy to pack it)

I mean it's not like we can't afford to buy a new one but it kind of became a joke between Emma and I to keep resending it to each other.

So what is your weird recycling story!!!!

1 comment:

Emma said...

I promise that if its next stop is here, it will continue its journey one day - and I'll let you know where! Perhaps we should add a log to the inside of the box!

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