Friday, September 19, 2008 last

Finally some success in the pesto department.

I went back to a basic recipe and it tastes just lovely.

We used it last night just mixed into some fresh pasta with some finely grated pecorino and was devoured by one and all.

Finally we got it right. Think it might be time to let go of the disasterous rocket pesto now.


Jodes said...

Can you send some my way?

Oh, and pesto should only ever be made using basil - any other way and it just ain't pesto!

PinkLizzy said...

OH ELLIE! That basil looks devine! I love basil so much I once bought a purfume (Anna Sui's Dolly Girl) cos I could smell basil in it. So embarrassing.

Nina said...

I agree with the others - that looks great!

What a shame about the rocket pesto - I've got a few big bunches of rocket growing that I'll need to get creative with soon.

I did save your basil recipe though :)

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